Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I need to sent money order and personal check but where?

A. Our address is
    20277 Valley Blvd #F
    Walnut, CA 91789

    Please remember to include the following
    Shipping Address:
    Item number:
    Your contact information, email or phone number:
    Size and color:
    Please DO NOT sent cash

Q. I've sent my money order or personal check awhile ago, where is my item?

A. If is personal check we will need to wait until its cleared, and this usually takes about 3-5 business days.
    Usually we will receive money order or personal check within 7 working days.
    Please allow the mail a couple of days to get to us, specially international ones.

Q. I already paid how come I still gets reminders and how come dispute was file in eBay?

A. If this happens please contact us either reply from eBay dispute or reply from the email reminder.
    (This happens when the payment received from Paypal didn't sent to eBay, we will fix it for you)

Q. I've message and email you guys many times and I do not get a reply, why?!

A. Please contact us via email messages to insure we receive your questions.
    Our email server will some times put your emails to spam so please contact us on ebay.
    Despises common myth about eBay sellers,
    We're not robots, we do not work 24/7,
especially not on holidays and weekends.
    We're a normal company like any other.

    Our office hours is 8am ~ 5pm
    Monday to Friday
excluding Holidays